Bar Council Written Pupillage Agreement

The Counsel`s Council welcomes the BSB`s consultation on the proposal for a mandatory recruitment schedule and written agreements on students. “The number of rooms that delay the number of students scheduled to start this month or next month is likely to have an impact on the supply of places by 2022,” said the Bar Standards Board (BSB) today. “Some cases of student behaviour are truly shocking and suggest a total inability of AETO to appreciate the nature of students and their responsibility to their students. She also supported a proposal by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) for rooms and other training providers to reconcile their recruitment schedules with the student bridge. The relationship is currently determined by the BSB`s student policy, and the committee has asked the regulator to ensure that they do not open schools and AETOs – or, if they are not a legal entity, a chamber company or a board executive – to “additional civil debts.” “The Bar Standards Board (BSB) today released a report on the impact of Covid-19 on students. The report notes that, although the chambers and other organizations have demonstrated a commendable commitment to maintaining the school population in difficult circumstances, some pressure is expected to be exerted between 2020 and 2022 on the supply of students. “Our experience with the student helpline and, if not, it is understandable that it is difficult to convince a student to file a formal complaint about their treatment at the BSB, and we cannot see that a written agreement would make them less hesitant. The Bar Standards Board (BSB) today announced reforms to the student announcement and recruitment process. “Written student contracts become mandatory from May 1, 2020,” said the Law Society (BSB). Under current regulations, the rules and guidelines in the student`s textbook are in the student`s manual. AETOs must also have a document on compulsory schooling policy, which sets out certain conditions for students.

“The difficulty, as the Committee sees, is not primarily the absence of a written document, but the position of weakness in which the student must complain about the offence. Ewen MacLeod, Director of Strategy and Policy at the BSB, commented on reforms such as reform: “The introduction of a single timetable will make student recruitment fairer and more consistent, while written student agreements will improve students` understanding of their commitments.


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