Agreement Price Change

However, the modification of a fixed-term contract is subject to additional restrictions. The starting point is that a normal change in the level of costs or circumstances does not allow a company to change a contract during its validity. If an electricity contract. B is concluded for a period of 1 to 2 years, the price and other terms of the contract cannot be changed during this period. The consumer must be informed without delay of any price changes or other conditions in a single contract, as well as the reasons for this. If a change is significant, z.B. if the price is increased by 5 to 10%, the consumer has the right to terminate the contract. This right must be mentioned in the terms of the contract. Whether a change is significant should be assessed from the point of view of each client and the comparison should be based on the contract in force at the time and not on the original contract. Life insurance is an exception, in this case the comparison is based on the original contract. As the overall inflation rate increases, it is likely that the costs of a supplier or supplier will change in a relatively short period of time, so that a supplier who commits to a fixed-price contract is not sure to retain its profit margin. A cash contract is a contract in which a product or service is delivered and paid for simultaneously.

Subsequently, a company cannot change the price or other conditions in a way that is detrimental to the consumer. A particular case is the fact that a company must react when a consumer does not comply with the conditions. If the seller has to postpone delivery for some reason for which the buyer is responsible, for example. B in the context of a construction contract, the seller may increase the price due to the delay and the resulting increase in costs. Of course, consumers still have the right to terminate a long-term contract. B, for example, when they are informed of a change in the contract. When a company is notified of a change in the contract to customers, it must also tell them that they can announce and indicate the notice period. The formula method only allows for increases over the defined indices.


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